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how to pay off a debt in collections


When most people think about debt relief programs, usually what comes to mind is the act of taking out a loan up front. This is a debt consolidation loan and can be used to pay off all of your debts. That leaves you responsible for paying off just one loan instead of multiple accounts every month.

Did you know there is another way to get out of debt? 

A debt relief company might be able to work with you and help you to manage your debts.

The first step is your initial consultation with the company. Don’t feel nervous or uncomfortable because you are in debt. This is what they do, and you need to be upfront and honest so they can make a full assessment of your financial situation.

They will be able to give you the best recommendation for what the next step will be. Some companies work through email but I would recommend talking with a live representative on the phone. It’s best that you get to know the person you will be conducting financial business with.

Your debt relief company is going to determine whatever monthly amount you will be able to put towards reducing your debt. Obviously the more that you can put towards the debt, the quicker you will be able to settle with creditors. One goal of working with the debt relief company is to free up a little cash flow, so the amount you commit to will actually be lower than what you are paying monthly towards your debts.

Working for you, the debt relief company will go ahead and contact your creditors. They will now assume any communication that is necessary with them. Here is the difference from working with a typical debt consolidation loan program. A debt relief program is not going to force you to pay off all of the debt. Instead, they will help you to deal with the creditors and make arrangements for getting the debt paid off.

Now your monthly debt relief payments are going into an account that is used for repayments of your debt. As that account grows, the debt relief company is going to start making the negotiated payments to the creditors. Debt relief companies can usually settle your debts from 40 to 60% of your balance due.

Keep in mind that your credit rating might get hurt if the debts are shown as being settled for less. The debt relief program should keep you updated as to this happening, but also remember to ask them.

There are a few possible ways that your credit report may be updated with the credit bureaus. You have it either being settled, settled in full, paid or settled for less than the full amount. Make sure that your debt relief company has asked the creditors to update your status.

Now is not the time to be getting any deeper into debt, while working with a debt relief program. Remember, you are trying to get out of debt. As soon as you have paid off your debts, you will now be living debt-free. You do not have to live the rest of your life avoiding credit, just now you have a new start and you can manage it better.

Remember the steps you went through and stay within your limits. Keep the repayment well within your means and just use some caution and good spending habits for your future!

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